Love nature and enjoy walking, then you will love the Czech Adventure. There are so many places to discover by foot or on a bicycle, including National Park Šumava, the mountains of Krkonoše. You can enjoy a riverboat tour or cast your hook into the many fishing ponds or can climb sand mountains in Český ráj.


Discover the beautiful Czech countryside and enjoy the range of holistic workshops

Welcome to your Czech Adventure. We are a new tour company born in the heart of Europe, focused on hiking and trekking in the beautiful Czech nature. All you need is a pair of hiking boots and the passion to travel to new destinations.

Even if you have never hiked before, you will experience how it feels to reach the top of mountains and witness the nature of this beautiful country. Everyone walks at his or her own pace, so you have time to breathe and stay present in the moment.

During your stay, you will discover many places, enjoy stunning views, fill your lungs with fresh oxygen and experience Czech culture. You will live and connect with the Czech culture and nature. There are miles and miles of deep forests, hills and mountains, with many amazing natural places unlike anywhere else.

This is the Czech Adventure. Come experience Your Adventure.

We're looking forward to seeing you here.
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Trekking - Enjoy an Active Holiday
Stretch your legs and take a hike. Part of the beauty of walking is to slowly take in the scenery, stop for rests, snacks, refreshments, photos, and chat with new friends. Walking/hiking makes for a very rewarding active holiday. Many beautiful Czech natural locations may only be accessed on foot! A trekking holiday offers a totally new perspective on a destination and allows you to truly experience the heart of a country. There is a variety of hiking options in the Czech Republic, including flat, mountainous, meadows or forests trails. A well-marked trail system makes hiking very easy.

If you love nature and enjoy walking, then you will love the Czech Adventure. There are so many places to discover - by foot or bicycle, such as the National Park Šumava or Krkonoše Mountains. You can also enjoy a river boat tour, cast your hook into the many fish ponds, climb mountains in Český Raj, or hike the rock sand mountains of Kokořin where you can also visit a historic castle.
Enjoy Interesting Workshops and Experience Many Treatments
You will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and spend time together with fun activities. After your hike, you can experience a range of workshops that are offered in the evening or during the day. Workshops include Kundalini yoga, meditation, music or art therapy class or contact improvisation dance movement as well as other interesting programs.

We have a team of qualified teachers who can customized a program for you or you can receive the range of treatments such as deep tissue massage aromatherapy, Thai yoga, Shiatsu massage and Cranial Sacral treatment.

The combination of trekking and body treatments will fully recharge you!
We will live in and connect with nature. Your sense of nature and spirit will be reawakened with new awareness. You will take the time to breathe and stay present in the moment. The beautiful and historic Czech Republic has lots of deep forests, hills and mountains and many amazing natural places unique to this Central European nation.
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