Love nature and enjoy walking, then you will love the Czech Adventure. There are so many places to discover by foot or on a bicycle, including National Park Šumava, the mountains of Krkonoše. You can enjoy a riverboat tour or cast your hook into the many fishing ponds or can climb sand mountains in Český ráj.
The extraordinary diversity of the landscape with characteristic sandstone rock towns, fauna and flora was the main reason for proclaming the region the first protected area. When considering the diversity of the landscape and the occurence of preserved and engangered biological species, deep forests as well as systems of ponds on water streams and surrounding small areas of wet ground with ecological systems are of big importance. The unique diversity of the relief is also made by characteristic volcanic effusions.

This area renowned for their bizarre rock formations and are bliss for avid climbers. The view from the ground is stunning, but the view from the top will take your breath away. In all these areas you can enjoy both romance and the opportunity to scale challenging rocks. The forces of nature – wind, rain, frost and sun – sculpted the sandstone rocks here into bizarre shapes. The highest peak in Bohemian Paradise, which is known as a hunting ground for semiprecious minerals.
We will live in and connect with nature. Your sense of nature and spirit will be reawakened with new awareness. You will take the time to breathe and stay present in the moment. The beautiful and historic Czech Republic has lots of deep forests, hills and mountains and many amazing natural places unique to this Central European nation.
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