Love nature and enjoy walking, then you will love the Czech Adventure. There are so many places to discover by foot or on a bicycle, including National Park Šumava, the mountains of Krkonoše. You can enjoy a riverboat tour or cast your hook into the many fishing ponds or can climb sand mountains in Český ráj.


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If you'd like to have a trip with just your own family or friends, we'd be glad to customize one according to your interests and desires.

Our specialty is taking you out to the beautiful Czech countryside, where we’ll guide you in spending hours a day immersed in nature: breathing fresh air, hiking for miles, being still and taking in the scenery.

We like to take the holistic approach and we can include various activities for the care of your body, your soul and your inquisitive mind. For more details please check our section Activities. Let us know your food preferences whether vegetarian, raw food, a juice cleanse or omnivore.

While we’re all for rejuvenating in nature, we do suggest you plan to spend some time in Prague before or after going to the Czech countryside. Prague truly is one of the world’s prettiest cities. Let us show you Prague as only locals can. We’ll reserve your rooms in the class of accommodation you’ll like and make reservations for you at recommended restaurants. The same holistic activities offered in the countryside are available in the city.

You’ll appreciate our warmth, our knowledge and how much we want to make sure you’ll have a trip, which you’ll fondly remember.

Please contact Czech Adventure and let us know how we can serve you.
We will live in and connect with nature. Your sense of nature and spirit will be reawakened with new awareness. You will take the time to breathe and stay present in the moment. The beautiful and historic Czech Republic has lots of deep forests, hills and mountains and many amazing natural places unique to this Central European nation.
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